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Cyclone Comics -4
The Human Generator

Real Name

Guy Newton

First Appearance

Cyclone Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Bilbara Publishing

Created by

Charles Quinlan

Golden Age Origin Edit

Guy Newton was a young scientist who discovered the secret to harnessing the static electricity of the human body. He concealed the control device in a chain belt around his waist.

Growing tired of the inefficiency of law enforcement, Guy offered his services to the police force. The commissioner figured that Guy was insane and tried to arrest him. Guy used his powers to stop the officers in their tracks and tried to bully the commissioner into accepting his services. When the commissioner got a call about a hold-up in progress, he finally agreed to give Volton his full cooperation. The young "hero" used his powers to bring the criminals back to the police station and handed them over into police custody.

He assured the terrified commissioner that if there was a crime, he would always be there to stop criminals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Volton's belt gives him powers such as the ability to control and absorb electricity and magnetize both people and objects. This extended to any form of electricity - including static electricity - something which he used to potentially deadly effect.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Cyclone Comics #1-5

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