Waldo the Wonder Man

Real Name

Rupert Waldo

First Appearance

"Waldo the Wonder Man" in Union Jack #794 (December 28, 1918)

Original Publisher

Alfred Harmsworth

Created by

Edwy Searles Brooks


Waldo was a circus strong man with a violent criminal history. He killed a man who tried to blackmail him by threatening to expose the secret of one of Waldo's past sins. Waldo then framed an innocent man for the murder, planting evidence in his caravan. Waldo's crimes brought him into conflict with heroes such as Sexton Blake and Nelson Lee. Later, Waldo was reformed and became a Deputy Commissioner of Scotland Yard, helped by Chief Inspector Lennard.

Waldo possessed the strength of six men and he was capable of turning over a trolley bus with his bare hands. He was impervious to pain due to his sufering from Morvan's disease (Syringomelia), he was quick to recuperate from injuries, and he was able to shrug off and ignore being shot, burned, trampled, and sustaining other serious injuries.

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