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War Wheel

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War Wheel

Real Name

First Appearance

Blackhawk #56 (September 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Reed Crandall

Golden Age Origin

The War Wheel was a spiked juggernaut of a war machine with thick armor that resistant to bombs, bullets, mortar shells, and everything else thrown its path. It was a weapon used by the "aggressor nation" (a thinly veiled Soviet Union) to invade the peaceful democracy of the European nation called Malkaria. They claimed that it was invented by Professor Dekker, a native Malkarian inventor who in realty committed suicide rather than tell them the secrets of his inventions. The Communists wanted the people of Malkaria's morale to be weaken by the supposed betrayal. However, Blackhawk and his men proved both the Professor's innocence and that the War Wheel was an inventions of the invaders. In order to stop the War Wheel once and for all though, Blackhawk tricks its pilots into driving through quicksand which incapacitated the vehicle permanently. Blackhawk told the leader of Malkaria that he figured that if bombs weren't going to stop it only mother nature would have a chance.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blackhawk #56


  • Only the original version War Wheel is public domain NOT subsequent versions used by DC Comics. Differences between the two included that The War Wheel in Blackhawk #113 (DC Comics 1957) was designed by the Nazis while the Quality comics version was designed by Communists.
  • In December of 1952, the Airboy comic featured a similar threat, the Wheels of Ebol.
  • In June of 1983, Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew featured a similar threat, the Screeching Tire. The similarity was even referenced in dialogue; Captain Carrot mentioned seeing something like the device in "Blackhawg" comics.

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