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Real Name

John Raymond

First Appearance

Zip Comics #27 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

John Cassone

Golden Age Origin

John Raymond was a college professor of criminology and a mystery writer. He became interested in criminology when his brother, Tim, broke the law and wanted to know what led men to a life of crime. However while he only theorized about criminals by day, he became the crime fighter Web at night.

During one of his early adventures, he rescues Rose Wayne, a former student of Raymond, from the Black Dragon of Death. She later discovered his secret identity by noticing a spider clasp that was dropped by the professor.

His enemies included Captain Murder and Count Berlin.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Zip Comics #27-38


  • The appearances listed above are in the public domain but, any subsequent versions used by DC, Archie, etc. are NOT.

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