Weird Sisters

Real Name


First Appearance

Dracula (1897)

Original Publisher

Archibald Constable and Company (UK)

Created by

Bram Stoker


In the novel, the three vampire women are not individually named. Collectively, they are known as the 'sisters', and are at one point described as the "weird sisters".

Although the three vampire women in Dracula are popularly referred to as the "Brides of Dracula", they are never referred to as such in the novel, instead referred to as the 'sisters'; whether they are married to Dracula or not is never mentioned, nor are they described as having any other relation to him. Though it is mentioned by the sisters that Dracula does not love, nor has he ever loved them, the count himself claims he once loved them in the past. The two dark-haired women, however, are described by Jonathan Harker to have "high aquiline noses, like the Count's". It has been suggested from this that it may have been Stoker's intent that these two are Dracula's daughters, extending the sexuality metaphor of vampirism to incest. Another theory is that two of the women are actually Dracula's sisters and the blonde one is his true wife. Though neither theory has ever been stated or proven. It is highly likely they were just random woman Dracula turned in the past, or they were his wives throughout his lifetime and did not find out his true nature until it was too late. Despite their words, the sisters have oddly never attempted to leave the castle and follow Dracula's orders without question. Likewise Dracula, while angered at them disobeying trying to feed on Jonathan, shows he does care somewhat for them by giving them something to eat in the form of the contents of the "wiggling bag" and honors his promise to give them Harker when he leaves.

As vampires, the sisters are powerful in their own right; their beauty and playful charm belie lethal, predatory interiors. Their beauty and flirtatious manner appears to be their greatest power when it comes to bewitching their victims into a trance-like state. Harker and Abraham Van Helsing are both attracted to, and yet repulsed by them. They can seemingly appear out of nowhere and are inhumanly strong as shown when they kill Helsing's horses. Though they live in fear of Dracula, the blond vampire can be seen defying him when she demands to feed upon Harker. The blond vampire is described by one of the brunettes as, "The First" and she is depicted as the leader of the three and Dracula's favourite. This may suggest that the blonde is in fact Dracula's wife, and may be the mother of the two dark-haired women if they are indeed his daughters. Or it may be that she is the most recent addition to his women-folk, and the brunettes are simply training her in how to prey upon humans.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Eerie #12

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