The White Princess of the Jungle

Real Name

Taanda Simmons

First Appearance

White Princess of the Jungle #1 (1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Louis Ravielli


Bwanna Simmons and his wife came to Kraal of the Tauruti tribe in Africa, with a baby girl with hair as red as the sunset. They lived with the Tauruti for a long time, but when they went to explore the ruins of a temple, they were attacked and killed by a tribe called the Jhibuti. The new chief, Upatani, of the Tauruti, raised Taanda, and taught her both English and the Tauruti tongue. Taanda was taught to survive in the jungles, and was said to be as fast as any beast and as strong as ten men. She could swing through the trees like a monkey, but often rode a zebra over long distances. She was skilled with a bow, spear or knife. She was also considered very wise by the Tauruti. As the "White Princess of the Jungle", she protected the people and animals of her land from poachers, monsters, and witch doctors.

Public Domain Appearances

  • White Princess of the Jungle #1-5

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