Wicked Wizard of Mo

Real Name


First Appearance

A New Wonderland (1900)

Original Publisher

Robert Howard Russell

Created by

L. Frank Baum


The Wicked Wizard was a little person no taller than a man's knee. He lived all alone in a ruby cave deep in the mountains at the east of the Land of Mo. The sign on his door reads:

Office hours:
From 10:45 until
a quarter to 11

The Wizard was very short and was ridiculed every time he left his cave. After much time spent searching his magic books, he found a magic formula to make himself grow taller. It consisted of spiders' livers, kerosene oil, the teeth of canary birds, and the toe of a young and beautiful princess. The only ingredient he lacked was the last one, so he turned himself into a crow and flew to the royal palace where he stole the toe of Princess Truella of Mo.

With some magical articles from the Sorceress Maëtta, Truella came to the Wizard's mountain in search of her toe. She defeated his guards and overcame his obstacles, and finally threw the Wizard himself into a deep gulf he had intended for her.

His fate remains unresolved.

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