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Wild Bill Hickok

Real Name

James Butler Hickok


May 27, 1837


August 2, 1876

Historical Background


Avon's version of Wild Bill.

Hickock had a range of jobs during his life in the west, from stagecoach driver to actor to scout for General George A. Custer. He is most notorious for his life as a lawman and gunfighter, and for being assassinated during a poker game in the dangerous town of Deadwood.

Hickock was a highly skilled and extremely deadly gunfighter. At one point he was arrested for killing a man in a duel, but he was acquitted. He killed quite a few men in his lifetime.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Star Ranger Funnies #v2#1
  • Crime Does Not Pay #22
  • Hit Comics #31
  • Atoman Comics #1
  • Cowboy Western Comics #17-21, 23, 25, 27, 31-34, 50-67
  • Desperado (1948 series) #4
  • Wild Bill Hickok (Avon) #1-28
  • Prize Comics Western #v9#1 (80)
  • Black Diamond Western #20
  • Tim Holt #28, 39
  • Red Ryder Comics #136
  • Blazing Six Guns #1
  • Six-Gun Heroes #6-8, 38-43, 46-54
  • Badmen of the West #1-2
  • Kit Carson #8
  • Jesse James #29
  • Wild Bill Hickok #1-5
  • Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles #68-75
  • Black Fury #1, 3-5, 10
  • Masked Raider #5, 10
  • Buster Crabbe Comics #2, 8

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