Wildfire Ned

Real Name

Edward Warbeck

First Appearance

Wildfire Ned; or, The Skeleton Crew (Play, December 19, 1866)

Original Publisher

Newsagents Publishing Co.

Created by

Collin Henry Hazlewood


Wildfire Ned was a young man who was adopted by Sir Richard Warbeck, an old English Baronet. He battled the Skeleton Crew, which were, apparently, a gang of undead pirates that sailed on The Phantom Ship, and were led by Deathwing. The Skeleton Crew gave off terrifying, inhuman shrieks and could vanish into thin air.

Wildfire Ned was a skilled rider and brave fighter. He carried a sword and also used an axe to fight the Skeleton Crew.

Some additional characters in the story are:

Philip Redhill - A nephew of Sir Richard, and an enemy of Wildfire Ned.

Tiny Tim - Groom to Sir Richard.

Deathwing - Chief of the Skeleton Crew.

Ralph Spray - An old one-legged sailor in league with the Skeleton Crew. He once sailed on Her Majesty's ship, The Dolphin.

The Red Man - An undead man, and a member of the Skeleton crew that Wildfire finds hung in a Gibbet.

Farmer Bertram - Robert's Father, "The Avenging Spirit."

Robert Bertam - A young farmer, the discarded son.

Ellen Harmer - The Miller's daughter, beloved by Robert.

Betty - The Farmer's housekeeper.

Clink - Turnkey of Darlington Prison.

Bolt - Clink's subordinate.

Spigot - Landlord of the Inn Upon the Leaf

Others: Andrew Gamble (a good swordsman), Blood, Rambling Rob


Wildfire Ned! was first produced as a play at the Britannia Theatre in Hoxton on December 19, 1866, where Wildfire Ned was played by an actress named Miss S. Miles. The story was also published as The Skeleton Crew; or, Wildfire Ned in an 1867 publication of The Boys of England by Edwin Brent and Newsagents Publishing Co.