The Witch Queen

Real Name


First Appearance

Uncle Sam Quarterly #2 (Winter, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Dave Berg and Will Eisner?

Golden Age Origin

The Witch Queen was a powerful sorceress who was banished from Fairyland and came to rule a subterranean kingdom called Evil Land. For several centuries, she was faithfully served by the others banished from Fairyland, including giants, broom-riding witches and dinosaur-riding goblins. Her forces raided Kidland on a regular basis for supplies. The Witch Queen's driving ambition was to conquer all of the subterranean world, and breed a master race with red eyes and purple hair. Eventually, she unleashed a dinosaur-like creature, that she called, "The Monster" which had been imprisoned in "The Secret Chamber" for 500 years. The creature turned on her and appeared to trample her to death.

Powers and Abilities

The extent of the Witch Queen's power is unclear, but she ruled with absolute authority in Evil Land, and she was seen sprouting bat-like wings which she used to fly.

Golden Age Appearances

Uncle Sam Quarterly #2

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