The Wizard

Real Name

Blane Whitney

First Appearance

Shield-Wizard Comics #1 (Summer 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Shorten & Edd Ashe


Blane Whitney was born in 1750. He possessed superhuman strength and a superhuman intellect. After his father, John, was burned at the stake for sorcery, after demonstrating super foresight, Blane decided to honor his father's last request to serve his country. Since his father had died for sorcery, he took the name, the Wizard, and wore a mask to disguise his identity. He helped George Washington to defeat the British in the American Revolution. His descendants continued to serve their county, and carry on the legacy of the Wizard.

Blane invented a number of technologies, including a glider plane, a snow mobile, a radio, a stun gun, a rapid fire gun, a diving suit and a number of other weapons and devices that helped turn the tide against the British.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Shield-Wizard Comics #1