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Wolf Gal

Real Name


First Appearance

Al Capp's Li'l Abner #6 (1945-1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Capp


Why do strong men fear Wolf Gal?

The reason was that Wolf Gal, who had been raised by a pack of timber wolves (dubbed her "Dogpatch"), was always on the lookout for a man.

So she could bring him back to her wolves and feed him to them.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Al Capp's Li'l Abner #6
  • Li'l Abner Comics #63, 85, 92
  • Li'l Abner Dailies #12
  • Al Capp's Wolf Gal #1-2


  • Wolf Gal was possibly, and even probably, a cannibal — although the point was never stressed since she considered herself an animal, as did the rest of her "Dogpatch."
  • Wolf Gal was briefly merchandised with her own doll, handpuppet, and even a latex Halloween mask.
  • Although her look was fairly consistent, the coloring changed from appearance to appearance. At times, she was blonde, a redhead, or white haired.

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