Wolf Savage

Real Name


First Appearance

Canadian Rocket #1 (April, 1941)

Original Publisher

Victory Publishing

Created by

Ted Steele


Wolf Savage was a mysterious Canadian from somewhere in the north. He had two giant timber wolves as companions, each with a studded collar that had a prominent “W” in the centre. He seems to have had the power of flight and an extraordinary amount of strength. He fought evil and crime in a wolf’s head mask, long cape and white gauntlets, and had a large wolf’s head over a white “W” emblazoned on his costumed chest. As a weapon, he brandished a rapier that can emit a green beam able to melt machinery and directly eliminate enemies.


Wolf Savage in action!

When an evil mad scientist asked how Wolf Savage knew about him and his plans, Wolf replied:

“I know all things. I have a way of knowing about all things that work against humanity… Wolf Savage has pledged himself to fight for the forces of good and to destroy all they who seek to oppress the weak.”

Public Domain Appearances

  • Canadian Rocket #1

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