Real Name

Dick Bannister

First Appearance

Wolf Blood (1925)

Production Company

Ryan Bros. Production

Created by

Cliff Hill


The Ford Company faces a rival company with Consolidated Lumber in a bitter and violent feud. Dick Bannister is hired as a field boss. Miss Edith Ford, owner of the Ford interests, comes to inspect the site. She brings her betrothed along, Dr. Eugene "Gene" Horton. When Bannister is violently attacked and left with life-threatening injuries, Dr. Horton must find blood for a transfusion. When no human donors present themselves, Horton uses the blood of a wolf in lieu of a more appropriate blood type.

Dick Bannister is thereafter plagued with dreams of acting like a wolf, running with a phantom wolf-pack in said dreams. Consolidated Lumber begin to see wolf attacks, directing suspicion toward Dick Bannister and the possibility he is a werewolf.

"Why didn't you let me die?" Bannister asks the doctor at one point. "You've made me a thing that is neither man nor beast!"

Public Domain Appearances

WOLFBLOOD a tale of the forest, aka WOLF BLOOD (1925 film)


  • Dick Bannister, in human form, is strong an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant. He shows leadership skills and knowledge of the tools of a lumberjack, such as chopping trees and climbing them. As a wolf, he has the appearance, abilities, and strengths of an average wolf, with a limited human personality in that form. It is never clearly shown that Dick Bannister actually transforms into a wolf, yet heavily suggested.
  • In the film, Dick Bannister is portrayed by George Chesebro.

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