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The Woman in Red
The Woman in Red

Real Name

Peggy Allen

First Appearance

Thrilling Comics #2 (Mar 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Richard E. Hughes & George Mandel

Golden Age Origin Edit

Policewoman Peggy Allen is the department's best undercover operative. In order to deflect suspicion from her undercover role, usually as a nurse or maid working at the scene of the crime, she adopts the costume of the Woman in Red. She wears a red floor-length coat, a hood, and a mask. Peggy solves each case through deduction, athletic prowess, and a willingness to brandish her pistol. In some cases, she displays scientific knowledge and gadgetry, including in one story a "tear gas fountain pen." Each story ends with Peggy debriefing the police chief, who knows of her Woman in Red disguise and praises her good work. During her career, the Woman in Red battled villains such as the Black Death and Voa.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • America’s Best Comics #1, 2 [1]
  • Thrilling Comics #2-18, 20-22, 24-30, 34-35, 38, 46 [2]
Woman in Red

The Woman in Red in action!


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