Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy 002

Real Name


First Appearance

National Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Quality /Ajax-Farrell/Elliot

Created by

Toni Blum and John Celardo

Golden Age Origin

Wonder Boy was the last survivor of the planet Viro. He escaped his home world's explosion on a spaceship, hurling through space and time and crashing into the heart of Chicago. He survived, but when he tried to explain his origin to the local police, they didn't believe him and placed him in an orphanage. He sulked for a while, but when he heard that a Mongol warlord was trying to invade Europe, he left the orphanage and stopped the warlord's forces single-handedly. He decided to continue to use his superhuman abilities to fight Nazis and criminals.

Powers and Abilities

Wonder Boy had "the strength of a thousand men" as well as a degree of super speed. The comic is unclear as to whether his powers were natural Viran abilities or result of Earth's unique conditions.  Wonder Boy was one of the few superheroes who never so much as attempted to keep a secret identity.

Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy


When he started appearing in Bomber Comics, he gained something of a permanent supporting cast. He found a friend in Professor Benson and a potential love interest in professor's daughter, Sally Benson.

Golden Age Appearances

  • National Comics #1-26
  • Bomber Comics #1-4
  • Terrific Comics #16
  • Wonder Boy #17-18

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