Wonder Man
Wonder Man Fox

Real Name

Fred Carson

First Appearance

Wonder Comics #1 (May 1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Will Eisner

Golden Age Origin

Fred Carson was a radio engineer who enjoyed traveling. While on a trip to Tibet, he met a yogi who put him through a series of rigorous tests. Fred passed, proving that he had the physical and moral strength to do good. As a reward, the yogi gave him a magic ring. Fred used it to fight for humanity and justice as Wonder Man.

In his only appearance, Wonder Man delivered aid to the unnamed nation that was suffering under the occupation by an unnamed invader. In the context of the time, this was most likely meant to be the Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

Powers and Abilities

Wonder Man Fox 002

Wonder Man rips through steel.

The magical ring gave Wonder Man super strength, ability to leap at least 100 yards at a time and resistance to bullets and explosions.

Golden Age Appearance

  • Wonder Comics #1


Wonder Man was created because Victor Fox commissioned Will Eisner and his Iger Studio to create a virtual copy of Superman. DC, which at the time was coincidently housed in the same building as Fox, immediately protested in court. Fox stopped publishing Wonder Man adventures, but fought in court against the charge. Eisner later recalled that he testified in court that he had, indeed, been asked to copy Superman. However, a recently discovered trial transcript shows that, while on the stand, Eisner actually insisted that he based Wonder Man on the Phantom, and that he created Wonder Man months before the first issue of Action Comics hit the newsstands.

The court ruled in DC's favor, and Fox refused to pay Eisner for his services. As a result, Wonder Man only appeared once, and Wonder Comics was renamed Wonderworld Comics with issue #3, which introduced another Eisner creation - The Flame.

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