Wu Fang, The Mysterious

Real Name

Wu Fang

First Appearance

Exploits of Elaine (Novel, 1914)

Original Publisher

Created by

Arthur B. Reeve


Wu Fang is actually the name of several characters in crime and adventure fiction, who are nearly identical, but may vary details.

Wu Fang is a criminal mastermind and gang leader from China, operating in the United States. In the Exploits of Elaine (1914), he wears western clothing on the street to remain inconspicuous, but dons traditional chinese garb at his headquarters. He is very treacherous, outfitting his headquarters with trap doors, poisonous snakes and a pool with a deadly giant octopus. He battled Craig Kennedy and Elaine Dodge.

In, The Lightning Raider (1919), Wu Fang is a rival to two other criminal masterminds, The Wasp and The Lightning Raider.

In Top Notch Comics #5-6 (1940), Wu Fang is back in China, working off a ship called the Sea Scorpion, when he comes into conflict with Shanghai Sherridan.

Wu Fang's gang includes:

  • Long Sin: A henchman of Wu Fang who poisoned the Clutching Hand and sough out his hidden treasure of seven million dollars. He smokes a pipe, wears a heavy gold watch and gold rings which are attached to gold chains that bind two white rats that he carries up his sleeve. He is described as "of the mandarin type, with drooping mustache, well dressed in American clothes, and conforming to the new customs of an occidentalized China." (Exploits of Elaine)
  • Hop Sing: Fang's top lieutenant, who is addicted to opium. (The Lightning Raider)


  • More research would be required to determine if the pulp character from "The Mysterious Wu Fang" stories (starting with "The Case of the Six Coffins" in 1935) by Robert J. Hogan are actually under copyright or not, but for now, it would be best to assume that they are.
  • The name Wu Fang is probably derived from Wu Tingfang, a famous Chinese diplomat who spent time in the United States at the turn of the century.