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First Appearance

The Green Mask vol. 2 #5 [16] (August-September, 1946)

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Golden Age Origin

Xako was described as a demonic intelligence trapped in the body of a giant spider (though it had only four insect-like limbs). He fancied himself the puppet master of the universe and his intention was to destroy all life on earth, so it could be inhabited by his race from the spider star region of space. He appeared to be lost in space after being struck by a comet while trying to destroy the spacecraft of Rick Evans.  Evans had believed that Xako was only a myth, before the creature nearly destroyed all life on Earth.

Xako was about the size of a large elephant and could spin massive webs, capable of catching a rocketship. He was also capable of controlling matter through some unknown means and surviving in space, unaided.

Golden Age Appearances

The Green Mask vol. 2 #5

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