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Yankee Girl
Yankee girl kk

Real Name

Kitty Kelly

First Appearance

Punch Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry "A" Chesler / Four Star

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Originally Kitty Kelly was an air hostess who wanted desperately to become a pilot. During the course of her appearances, she ran into Nazi spies, saboteurs and general criminal types but, because she was a bit of an airhead, she won through luck as much as she did through effort.

The feature was later renamed Kitty Kelly: Yankee Girl where she switched from black hair to blonde but remained an air hostess. She then abandoned this name, changed professions to become a social worker, went back to black hair and gained a costume emblazoned with her initials "KK" as she lacked a super hero identity.

Powers and Abilities

Under times of extreme stress Kitty Kelly could gain super strength and self propelled flight.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Punch Comics #1-2
  • Captain Flight Comics #6, 8-9
  • Red Seal Comics #17
  • Wonder Boy Comics #18


  • She should not be confused with Lauren Mason, another hero called Yankee Girl.

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