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Yarko the Great
Yarko 002

Real Name


First Appearance

Wonder Comics #2 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Will Eisner

Golden Age Origin

Yarkothe great


Yarko the Great was a talented stage magician, but secretly, he was also a real mage. Using his vast magical abilities, he battled criminals and even supernatural forces such as the Devil and the personification of Death.

Abilities Yarko possessed thanks to his magic included force field projection, duplication, shape-shifting, invisibility, intangibility, exorcism, telekinesis, levitation, and whatever else the plot required. Yarko had one weakness though - he could not use his magic unless he could see.

Yarko 003

Yarko speaks his spell backwards.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Wonder Comics #2
  • Wonderworld Comics #3-33
  • Blue Beetle #1
  • Samson #4-5

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