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Real Name


First Appearance

Fighting Yank #1 (September, 1942)

Original Publisher


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Golden Age Origin

Zarbu was a powerful dark sorceror who was trapped in a vase painted with mystic runes that had sealed him inside for thousands of years. In the 20th century he was released from the vase and made a new bid at world domination through the might of his magic. He was returned to an imprisoning vase by Mystico.

Zarbu demonstrated a variety of incredible supernatural powers including mind control (powerful enough to make someone commit suicide or telepathically teach them a new skill), the ability to fly as a cloud of smoke, the ability to emit rays from his hands which were powerful enough to topple the Statue of Liberty, and the ability to emit a poisonous gas. He was able to identify Mystico as an enemy while in his vase, though Mystico did not seem to know him. He was able to resist Mystico's vast power until the ancient magician used a vase with runes.

Golden Age Appearances

Fighting Yank #1

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