Zaza, The Mystic

Real Name


First Appearance

Zaza the Mystic #10 (April 1956)

Original Publisher


Created by



Zaza was considered the "Queen of the Gypsy Fortune Tellers." She used a crystal ball and tea leaves to see the past and predict the future. However, while she sometimes seemed omniscient, she was not actually a psychic, and had no mystic abilities. She was simply an amazing detective, capable of surmising information from clues that other people missed. She assisted Lt. Bob Nelson of the police, on many of his cases.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Zaza the Mystic #10-11


  • Zaza's name was consistently spelled as "Zaza" in the stories and on the cover. However, in the indicia of the comic book, it was spelled "Za Za".

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