Real Name


First Appearance

Rangers Comics #26 (December, 1945)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Lily Renee


Zenobia was a witch, presumably from Athens, Greece. She fell in love with a man named John Knapp, but after he left her, she vowed that anyone he loved would be killed. Attempting to make good on her promise, she killed his wife, and attempted to kill his teenaged daughter. However, she was stopped by the Werewolf Hunter, burned to death by Godolphin powder.

Zenobia was a powerful witch. She could make suggestions in people's minds, even from a great distance, causing them to do inexplicably do her will, though they seemed to be capable of fighting the suggestion if they knew what was happening. She could watch people and events from great distances using a palanthir. She also had the ability to instantly change her appearance in a cloud of blue mist. And finally, she had the ability to change animals into small "blood crazed gnomes." She carried a Raven familiar on her shoulder that could transform into such a gnome, and obeyed her every command. She may have been immortal, and may have had other powers as well.

Golden Age Appearances

Rangers Comics #26