Zigomar, The Eelskin

Real Name


First Appearance

Le Matin (1909)

Original Publisher

Chamberlain & Co.

Created by

Leon Sazie


Zigomar was a masked crime lord, and leader of a band of Romany thieves. Zigomar's organization is named Z, and the group's password is "Z is the life! Z is the death!" accompanied by a Z hand sign. Zigomar himself is a suave but brutal man who carried out nefarious schemes throughout Europe. He would hold people up at gun point and was guilty of murder, arson and robbery. Zigomar's nemesis was Paulin Broquet, a dedicated Parisan police officer who pursued Zigomar, catching and killing him (he thought) many times, only to have Zigomar resurface unharmed. Zigomar was also pitted against American detective Nick Carter.


This character is not to be confused with the later Serbian comic hero of the same name created by Nikola Navojev and Branko Vidić.