Zina of Koroka

Real Name


First Appearance

Buster Crabbe Comics #9 (March, 1953)

Original Publisher

Eastern Color

Created by

Mike Roy

Golden Age History

Zina was a native of the planet Koroka and a space scout for the United Planets of the Universe. She was assigned to investigate covert operations of the reptilians from the planet Kakukik, who had set up a base in the Andes on Earth. Zina was discovered and captured by Reptilians, but with the help of the Earth man, Buster Crabbe, she was able to escape and alert the UPU of the reptilians nefarious plan to conquer the Earth.

Zina was a skilled pilot and capable of speaking fluent English, and possibly all other languages of the planet Earth. She was also handy with a disintegrator ray.

Golden Age Appearances

Buster Crabbe Comics #9

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