Zombie Countess of Tuber Castle

Real Name


First Appearance

War Victory Adventure #3 (Winter 1943-44)

Original Publisher


Created by

Rudy Palais? [as Don Weaver]


Grimm, Ghost Spotter investigates the death of the woman caretaker of Tuber Castle. The caretaker's daughter was spurned by the Count of Tuber, and died. The ghost returned to haunt the castle where her mother was caretaker. He is attacked by a skeleton on the way, yet meets the beautiful Countess of Tuber Castle. When the skeleton returns later on, it kills the Countess with a wooden knife. As it is revealed the Countess a zombie impostor, the real Countess of Tuber Castle appears, freed from the black magic permitting the ghost to possess her.

Public Domain Appearances

War Victory Adventures #3, Haunted Thrills #3, Bomber Comics #2

See Also

War Victory Adventures #3 at Comic Book Plus

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