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The Zoop

Real Name

The Zoop

First Appearance

The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914)

Original Publisher

Oz Film

Created by

L. Frank Baum


The Zoop is an ape-like being with a long, thick tail and comical facial features. It might be characterized as a clownish ape-man or small Yeti. Its temperament is provocative and confrontational. It seems to have an obsessive interest in mules: it annoys Mewel the Mule in one instance.

In another case, it teases and pesters Nickodemus the Mule and fights with a lazy lion. Yet the Zoop also joins in the gang of vigilante animals led by Nickodemus, which rescues a kidnapped child from bandits and fights with the Roly-Rogues when they invade the city of Nole.

Public Domain Appearances


The Zoop is a character that L. Frank Baum added to the plots of The Patchwork Girl of Oz and Queen Zixi of Ix when they were being re-made into films (the latter being re-named The Magic Cloak of Oz). He never appeared in either book.

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