Zutarian Imps
Ulka, Ho Gana, and another Imp

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #20 (July, 1941)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by

Grieg Chapian

Golden Age Origin

Zutarians, also called Imps, were an alien race native to the planet Zutarn. They possesed technology a thousand years advanced of earth such as monocars, rocket powered air transports, as well as long range ray guns, and powerful knockout gas guns. The Zutarians also had an organized military, but were not an aggressive race until the human known as Tyrno conquered them. They are helped by Golden Knight and his partner Alice (Fox) to overthrow Tyrno and prevent him from taking Alice as his wife. For his help, Golden Knight wins the respect and admiration of their people and is told that he could return anytime he wishes as their friend.

Zutarian Motocar

Notable Individuals

Ulka - He was the imp who was among the party of three who discovered the sky chariot carrying Golden Knight and Alice. He along with Ho Gana took the duo back to Tyrno's palace, but when he asked Tyrno for a reward. The tyrant sent Ukla to the dungeon. Golden Knight forgave the imp and moved by the earthling's compassion Ulka decided he would help him. Golden Knight and Ulka battle a fierce sea monster and then burst into the palace. Ulka jumped at Tyrno to save Alice but was struck down, but the villain was then shot by multiple ray blasts by Ulka's fellow imps. He then wished his new friends goodbye and told them they could return to Zutarn anytime they wished with his blessing.
Zutarian Sea Monster

Golden Knight saves Ukla from a Sea Monster

Humorous Note

Zutarians should not be confused with Zuko/Katara shippers. Sorry, Avatar: The Last Airbender fans.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #20

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